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Homemade Italian Cuisine

It’s not a true stay at Casetta until you dine with us. Meals, carefully made by our own in-house cook Patrizia Vaggioli are meant to be shared, enjoyed with good company and even better with wine. With a passion for cooking for more than two decades, Patrizia’s culinary style incorporates Italian tradition and recipes passed down to her from her grandmother with a contemporary twist. Patrizia offers a unique cuisine filled with ideas, balanced flavors, fresh seasonal ingredients, and flawless cooking. We will take care of all your indulgences, from breakfast – fresh juice, yoghurt, fruit, muesli, homemade bread and jams, coffees, espresso, eggs prepared to your order, fresh berries, until dinner al fresco Tuscan style. Make sure you don’t leave without having a pizza evening under the stars with our very own pizzaiolo. All you have to do is let us know what time you’d like it.

If you care for a cooking class, join Patrizia in a pasta, pizza, or complete Tuscan meal class using traditional culinary styles.


Don’t Resist, Just Give In From Xenia

Let me give you some advice. Don’t even try to diet in Italy (unfortunately I am proof of that). However eating healthy is still top of mind since all our dishes are homemade and use the best seasonal produce and local ingredients.

roast dinner

Special Requests We’ve got you covered

We have created dinner parties ranging from four people to one hundred. And we don’t forget the live music. Just bring yourself, your guests, your Tik Tok dance moves, and an appetite! Chef Jeff is our culinary mastermind and secret weapon for creating not just dinner but a complete dining experience for our guests. You may wonder why it’s so quiet as everyone will be busy eating!

Our traditional wood fire pizza oven is a family favorite. Kids and adults love to roll and knead the dough (pro-tip: a great stress reliever) and customise their own pizza with ingredients that have journeyed less than ten km.

Pasta is like oxygen for Italians. We need it to survive. Since you are part of our inner circle now, we may consider sharing our very simple but delicious recipe for hand-made pasta complemented with a savoury sauce of your choice like fungi, seasonal truffle, ragù or maybe fresh tomatoes and loads of garlic. Did someone say gluten-free? Vegan? No Problem!

Delicious Tuscan dinners are prepared using seasonal vegetables from the garden and local produce.

olive tree

Olio Di Oliva Liquid Gold

Casetta is surrounded by more than a thousand olive trees which are used to produce the highly coveted extra virgin olive oil that you will sample in our cooking. The olives are harvested every autumn, usually in October and cold pressed immediately within 10 hours of picking at our local frantoio. The resulting oil is then independently assessed to assure the premium quality our clients and guests have come to expect.


Wine & Cocktails Roveta Dodici? Or perhaps, Omero?

Xenia will happily see to your libation requirements while you enjoy sweeping vistas of the peaceful countryside. Have a glass of wine pool side, or try Casetta’s seasonal cocktails Roveta Dodici: a summer delight made with muddled raspberries and local vodka. Or try our newest addition, Omero, a tantalizing offering inspired for the cooler fall months with local ingredients like Tuscan vodka, topped off with a delicate shave of truffle. One sip and you begin to daydream. You cannot get these cocktails anywhere else, except in one secret village at one secret bar with one secret password—only for Casetta guests.

Of course if wine’s your pleasure, it flows like water in Tuscany, and we always have several varieties on hand to open. Full honesty bar is available whenever you like. No special occasion required.

olive tree

A Cooking Class Everybody’s doing it

making dough

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